Todays Senior wants something more from their senior photos. They want adventure, uniqueness, and Fun.  We offer all off this at our studio, and we take care of all the details. The travel plans, accommodations, wardrobe, hair & make up, and more. Trust us WE GOT YOU!!!        We give you a jet setter experience, you will never forget.  We love sharing our love of travel with our clients, and as we prepare for our Hawaii October 2017 and February 2018 trips, I wanted to reminisce about our past trip.


Where better to hang out on a winter day in  February, then on the beach in Kailua Kona, Hawaii.  We spent 2 weeks exploring, photographing, and have the time of our lives with 7 Douglas County Seniors and graduates.  We spent days lounging on the beach, snorkeling, sight-seeing, and creating amazing 1 of kind images for them. 



Days when we were Mermaids....

The Ocean is her home,

But she wishes to venture places Unknown,

Above her world, The Surface world

Bottom feeders have left her post modem bored,

She is convinced to Pursue "New",

Can you blame her for chasing Waterfalls,

Instead of sticking to the rivers that she is use to,

She fiends to be Free,

From the shackles of conformity



TO when we control the elements ....