Let me begin with WE LOVE KRISTIN!!!!   We searched long and hard for the perfect addition to our studio. And let me tell you Kristin is amazing at what she does.  She is a vital member of our team. The Best part is she shares the same desire to help make each of our clients feel and look amazing.   

So many times just a subtle change of eye, lip, or cheek color makes the difference between good and FABULOUS. 

Kristin helps to insure that  our seniors look absolutely perfect for each image.  Fixing hair, changing lip color to match outfits, carrying accessories, helping with lighting, she has even been know to give the coat off her back when a client shivers. 

We absolutely LOVE Kristin and are so thrilled to have her right in our very own studio.

“She was born with glitter in her veins.” Ever since she can remember Kristin Upright loved makeup
and everything beauty related. She graduated from Roseburg Beauty School and since, has been
taking the local industry by storm. 

She first found her passion while doing film shoots with her family’s stock footage company, working
on set  doing hair and makeup for over 75 extras. Since then she has honed her talents doing weddings, 
prom, senior photos and of course practicing on herself. She teaches classes on makeup application
and has a brand new YouTube channel where she helps people find confidence and self-acceptance
while teaching fun and practical makeup techniques. As well as the glamour makeup, she is also
gifted in the more extreme makeup, including prosthetics and special effects.

Kristin’s outgoing, fun personality makes her clients feel comfortable and confident. She is laid back
and listens to her clients. Its not unusual to witness her singing and dancing while she is working
because she truly loves it and has a passion for, not only makeup, but encouraging and bonding with
her clients.