Do you have a milestone birthday coming up?  Sweet 16 ? Finally 18 ?  21 maybe? 29 and holding? 

Iā€™m loving the fun new trend of cake smashes for adults! What better way to celebrate then with  a fun photoshoot and cake smash. Why should 1 year olds get all the sweet cake?  Contact us to allow us to help customize an amazing and fun shoot for you. 

One of our 2018 graduates, Cymbrie Cantley, celebrated the milestone of turning 18 with a super fun cake smash photoshoot. We started talking about doing this fun birthday shoot for over a year.  Her friend Emily helped her make the super cute cake.  And I had too much fun ordering props, crowns, sashes, pink tutu's, balloons, because what cake smash would be complete without a gold crown, balloons and feather boas. Jeremy did a great job making the balloon back drop and wrangling his bubble machine to 'TRY' and keep the bubbles off the cake :) All in all it was an amazing photoshoot and I can't wait to do another! 

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